Choose a safe clean source for your hemp oil extract
Choose a safe clean source for your hemp oil extract
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(Cannabidiol) CBD vs THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

How many different types of Cannabinoids are there…?
Scientists have discovered 85 different unique cannabinoids within the Cannabis/Hemp plants. Every single individual cannabinoid could in theory have a unique (like a fingerprint) and vast spectrum of benefits and effects. The two most present types of cannabinoids that are consistently found are CBD and THC.

Well, If that’s the case why do we only ever hear about THC and CBD…?
CBD and THC are the two most abundant molecules in the cannabinoid spectrum and are drastically more present within the plants. The polar-opposite effects (Psychoactive / Non-Psychoactive) that the two molecules can provide have sparked up an enormous debate globally.
Some say that THC is the only effective molecule in the spectrum, while others stand so strongly behind the benefits of CBD. These two molecules can both be extracted from either a Cannabis/Hemp plant at a much higher volume per plant than almost any other types of cannabinoids.
There are some that are keeping an open mind and maintaining the belief that all cannabinoids can serve an important and effective role. We know so little compared to the vast amount of knowledge we will continue to unfold. We have so much to learn, we cannot jump to any conclusions so early on.

THC is the potent psychoactive molecule that can be found in both Hemp and Cannabis plants. However, with hemp products in order to comply with federal laws – the dry weight THC level must be under 0.3% to be fully legal in all 50 states.
THC is currently on the controlled substances list, as a result – THC is still highly controlled in some states- yet entirely legal in others. We have strong hope that the world is slowly but surely waking up to realizing the wonderful life-changing benefits the Cannabis/Hemp plants can provide for their patients.

Both CBD and THC have a large variety of differences, however, they also have a significant amount of similarities.
Many people believe that CBD provides much more medicinally beneficial effects than THC provides. Essentially, CBD is rumored to give you all the heal, without the high. While THC is rumored to give you all the high, with little else.
However, every individual does possess their own unique endocannabinoid system. Which means that neither side is necessarily entirely wrong, it’s all a matter of preference and how the molecules work with your body.
The endocannabinoid system is a very intuitive system that is responsible for a variety of molecular tasks such as regulating sleep patterns, appetite, mood management, motor controls, immune system, pleasure receptors, pain receptors, reproduction / fertility, memory and body temperature regulation.
Maintaining a healthy and balanced cannabinoid level is essential for keeping all your body’s functions in line.

Each endocannabinoid system functions in its own unique way to work with your specific and unique body- the best possible way that it has learned to. This means that you may have an entirely different effect when consuming THC than your best friend, even if you both consumed the exact same amount. Some are affected more-so, some are not affected as easily.
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