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Hi There! We are closed for updates but if you are looking for a "kinder" holistic approach to health Vera Canapa is the place to start. You can email us for orders in the meantime. We are proud to present Pure Kind Botanicals™ as our CBD line of choice. "Be Pure and Kind to your Body, Soul and Mind" is their motto and we love the gentle natural "kind" extraction process they use, ensuring that you are getting the full benefits of the extract from the hemp plant. To ensure you are getting the very best hemp extracts every batch is 3rd party testing for heavy metals and other contaminants. We are excited and hope you come back. Sign up so you know when we open and get our newsletter for specials, updates and articles. We will also send you code for a discount on your first order celebrating our Grand Opening this April! In the meantime if you have any inquiries you can send them to See you soon! Vera Canapa

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